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NDT's 'iCity' is a new way to connect

Our latest application lets you stay connected with everyone and everything so that you can interact with your surroundings for convinient uses

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With more than 12 years in software programming and app design, we have helped more than 235 countries in improving their lives

About Me

Neil Graham is an aspiring creative thinker, set on making the world a better, less stressful  place. 

After many years of working with Apple, Neil left the company in search of a higher purpose. He spent many years scribbling ideas and writing hundreds of sketches before finally coming up with an application that would change the way people lived.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

My Experience

I wanted to do away with the need for so many devices and apps

I began developing an app that would notify people when taxis were approaching, so they wouldn’t need to tireless search. Then I thought, “what about buses? trains? or if the same could be done with restaurant reservations?” After developing more than 5 award-winning utility applications for Apple, I ventured out on my goal to discover the true potential of utility software. 


iCity Version 4.0

The app recommended places to explore in your city area, destinations to go to based on your mood and needs. 


iCity Version 3.0

The iCity itinerary was developed, a smart self-learning schedule created based on your behvaiour and daily actions and patterns.


iCity Version 2.0

The app then gained booking utilities that would help users organise their transport and estimated times.


iCity Version 1.0

It began as a transport notification application that covered bus schedules, taxis, drivers, and trains. 

Developer Package

Check out our developer package that lets you tweak the app according to your preferences and indivual ideas!

I never knew how easy life could be when it's organised in a superhuman way. iCity has saved me countless missed opportunities and appointments. I owe it a lot of my successes.
Trevor Mortens
Going around exploring the city with AR guidance is amazing. It's truly the peak of intelligent software design and technology.
Emma Butterfield
The app is smart. I can tell you that. As a software developer myself, I've never seen such clever usage of simple applicatinos working together.
Veronica Rhyme
Not only are my work schedules organised, but the app gives the best suggestions on where to eat and what to do in a day, I never felt more productive and happy to just go out there and live life.
Chavo Santiago

The 5.0 Update

Here’s what’s next for iCity with all-new 3D AR technology in city navigation and day to day planning

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