How the App Came to Be

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The City and I

Being in a city can make you feel small, disconnected, and overwhelmed. 

That is why iCity is designed to be your trusty companion not only in navigation, but also as a smart planner to constantly give you new activities to do, the easiest ways of transport, and find people with similar interests as well.

The city is your playground.

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The Development Process

We build the app just like a city. From the smallest of streets to skyscrapers of software technology

Each version is designed with a specific goal in mind, based on an aspect of city life. We then examine all the current application software and technology we have at hand to innovate new features that add to the iCity experience. 


iCity Version 4.0

The app recommended places to explore in your city area, destinations to go to based on your mood and needs.


iCity Version 3.0

The iCity itinerary was developed, a smart self-learning schedule created based on your behvaiour and daily actions and patterns.


iCity Version 2.0

The app then gained booking utilities that would help users organise their transport and estimated times.


iCity Version 1.0

It began as a transport notification application that covered bus schedules, taxis, drivers, and trains.