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We welcome any aspiring software developers to help us build the ultimate utility application for cities across the world

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Our team consists of specialised roles, each designed to fit your expertise for you to flex your creativity with ease. 

Hear from our workers

Here at NDT, we prioritise your voice first. We believe in the power of collective creativity that helps make iCity more better. 

I enjoy working at NDT as I am able to freely express my ideas and watch them blend with other creative concepts to enhance the iCity app further.
woman, girl, blonde hair
Penelope Santiago
Software Engineer
As a Solutions Architect, I work to ensure that every major update to the application is done smoothly. Working with such a cooperative team helps a lot.
girl, black, afro-american
Renee Williams
Solutions Architect
Designing the interface of the app is easy with the applications and software provided by NDT's creative development team.
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Michael Cruise
App Designer
I joined at a time when I was still a rookie at coding and programming. But thanks to their training, I managed to rise up to become a senior software engineer.
young man, portrait, beard
George Garcia
Senior Software Engineer